• Governance and Public Finance
    Governance and Public Finance
  • Labour Market Planning and Management
    Labour Market Planning and Management
  • Enterprise Development and Trade
    Enterprise Development and Trade
  • Poverty and Social Development
    Poverty and Social Development
  • Education, Vocational Training and e-Learning
    Education, Vocational Training and e-Learning
  • Tourism Development
    Tourism Development
  • Law, Justice and Human Rights
    Law, Justice and Human Rights
  • Agriculture and Rural Development
    Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Economic Planning and Management
    Economic Planning and Management

Introduction to GDSI

Established in 1991, GDSI has its origins in the Centre of Development Studies in the National University of Ireland, Galway. We are now one of Ireland’s most respected international development consulting companies, with an outstanding record of success in delivering sustainable solutions to economic, social and institutional problems in developing and emerging economies.  

GDSI has a multi-disciplinary core team of experts in economics, management, enterprise development, public administration and finance, education, social policy, law and human rights. In addition to its core staff, GDSI maintains a carefully registered database of nearly 6,000 international experts in a range of disciplines allowing us to tailor our services to the needs of the client.

GDSI’s mission is to provide sustainable solutions to development problems by using the highest quality local and international expertise in a sensitive and collaborative way.  We seek to offer value for money in all assignments in the following technical areas:

  • Economic Planning and Management
  • Enterprise Development and Trade
  • Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Tourism
  • Governance and Public Finance
  • Education and Vocational Training
  • Labour Market Planning and Management
  • Poverty and Social Development
  • Law, Justice and Human Rights

GDSI has worked in over 100 countries worldwide. We have implemented technical assistance projects in Western and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Turkey, the Caucasus, Africa, Central and South Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean and the Pacific. As one of the first western companies to establish consulting services in the former Soviet Union, GDSI is exceptional in its accumulation of practical experience and in its understanding of the operation and transformation of CIS economies. Its core staff and associates are highly skilled in a variety of European languages and in Russian.

GDSI’s clients include the European Commission, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, United Nations, DFID, Danida and other bilateral and multi-lateral donors. We have also done work for national, regional and local development agencies in Ireland and in EC Member States.

Delivering Sustainable Solutions

Latest projects

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Modernisation of HRM systems in the civil service, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The purpose of the project is to improve systems of human resource management in public administrations of BiH.

Access to Justice for Poor and Vulnerable Groups through Support of Legal and Civil Society Organisations and the Judiciary in Punjab, Pakistan

The purpose of the project is to empower poor and vulnerable people of Punjab to better claim of their rights and to improve legal systems for better provision of legal services and justice.

Strengthening Democratic Governance and Trust in Public Services in the Western Balkans - Support to ReSPA Component "Quality of Public Services" (QPS)

The key objective of this project is to strengthen ReSPA as platform for better governance in the region by promoting the constitution of a regional network to support the use of quality management tools to both improve the functioning of public institutions and the quality of public service delivery.

Support to the Planning Unit/PFM Reform Secretariat, Ministry of Finance, Kingdom of Lesotho

The specific objective of this assignment is to provide support and capacity building to the Planning Unit in the Ministry of Finance during the final project preparation and early implementation phase of the PFM Reform Action Plan.

Technical Assistance to the Government of Malawi for Strengthening Internal Controls and Procedures in Public Financial Management

The aimed to contribute to the implementation of the Public Financial and Economic Management Reform Programme in Malawi and, therefore, improve the effectiveness in service delivery to Malawian citizens.

Evaluation of Community Security and Justice programme in Ethiopia

In partnership with Transtec, design and implementation of the evaluation component of the Ethiopia Community Security and Justice Programme for DFID including mid-term evaluation and full term impact evaluation of the programme. The objectives of the evaluation are four-fold: (i) to ensure accountability, (ii)to improve programme management, (iii) to promote...

External Review of DFID’s Palestinian Programme

The aim of the review is to assess DFID Palestinian Programme's Operational Plan, and use its findings and recommendations to inform its next operational plan.

Evaluation of Palestinian Market Development Programme

Independent evaluation of the programme throughout its lifetime on behalf of DFID Palestinian Programme, including quarterly reviews, annual assessments and full final programme evaluation. The programme aims to improve the competiveness of the private sector in the OPTs.




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