Programme Evaluation

GDSI has a long track record in the evaluation of development programmes. We have carried out many evaluations focused on various aspects of development programme design and delivery including: (i) programme relevance; (ii) programme performance; (iii) effectiveness of the delivery; (iv) value for money; (v) programme impact and sustainability. In carrying out these assignments, we have combined cutting-edge evaluation methodologies and tools with a deep understanding of the practical mechanics of development. GDSI has carried out evaluations at different levels (strategic, country, sectoral and programme) which involve, inter alia, some of the following stages:

  • Reconstruction of the intervention logic (sometimes known as the Theory of Change)
  • Identification of the various assumptions that underpin the causal relationship between activity and outputs or impacts.
  • Application of development theory in particular geo-political, economic, cultural and institutional contexts.
  • Identification and description of the chains of causality that lead from one development stage to another.
  • Preparation of high quality reports in line with recent evaluation methodologies and developments.

Some of the world’s leading evaluation methodologists are Associates of GDSI.