Enterprise Development and Trade

GDSI has earned a reputation for providing high quality technical support to all aspects of enterprise development and trade by creating the full range of support mechanisms for SMEs worldwide. Specifically, we have helped develop business support centres, SME networking systems, training facilities for SMEs, micro-finance and incubation systems as well as legislative and regulatory reform programmes.

GDSI also has particular expertise in the development of the institutional and legislative basis for international trade and investment. We have helped establish trade promotion agencies in a number of developing and emerging economies and have provided advice to national governments on the WTO accession process. At a local level, we have worked with business associations and other representative groups to meet the various quality standards required for access to EU markets.

GDSI can offer support to enterprise development and trade in the following areas:

  • Developing institutions to promote SME development
  • Enterprise development policy formulation, monitoring and evaluation
  • Business incubation
  • SME networks
  • Entrepreneurship development programmes
  • Design, establishment and management of micro-credit funds
  • Attraction of mobile investment
  • Legal and administrative aspects of trade development
  • Support to WTO accession
  • Standardisation and international trade requirements