Tourism Development

The explosion in tourist numbers in recent decades has challenged the industry to find the correct balance between exploiting tourism potential on the one hand and ensuring sustainability of product life on the other. These challenges have presented GDSI with increasing demand for its training, consultancy and business service in leisure and tourism.

GDSI has prepared national and regional tourism development strategies in more than a dozen countries. As part of these projects, we have collected and analysed tourism data, defined strategies for tourism product development, elaborated and implemented international and domestic marketing plans, set up training facilities for staff in the tourism sector and built local tourism infrastructures (information points, signage, walking trails, etc.). We have implemented capacity building measures for national and regional institutions responsible for the management of tourism.

Special expertise can be offered in:

  • Tourism analysis and planning
  • Marketing and management in leisure and tourism
  • Design and packaging of tourism products
  • Vocational training systems for the tourism sector
  • Infrastructure and facilities in leisure and tourism
  • Tourist events
  • Rural tourism
  • Developing tourism management institutions
  • The management of cultural heritage and areas of outstanding natural beauty