Governance and Public Finance

Expectations of high performance in government have been increasing sharply over the last decade. Citizens, communities and businesses are demanding more efficiency, greater accountability, and better quality services from governments. At the same time, financial pressures have reinforced the need to do the business of government more cost-efficiently.

GDSI is one of Europe’s leading providers of technical assistance in the area of public administration reform in developing and emerging economies. We have drafted legal and procedural documents in support of administrative reform, in many cases related to the decentralisation of public governance. We have developed new administrative tools (particularly specialising in e-Government tools) and we have established systems to ensure the quality of public service delivery. We have particular experience in supporting the development of public finance management systems including result-oriented budgeting, project selection tools, audit and financial control systems, etc.

Our special areas of expertise can be summarised as follows:

  • Legislative and organisational aspects of public administration reform
  • Administrative decentralisation and subsidiarity
  • e-Government
  • Managing the quality of public service delivery
  • Public finance management tools
  • Result-oriented budgeting
  • Capital investment planning in the public sector
  • Audit, financial control and reporting in the public service
  • Training for public servants