Education, Vocational Training and e-Learning

In the current information age, it is becoming increasingly important that education systems produce graduates with the competences and skills that allow them to continually adapt to evolving market conditions. In a world of rapidly growing information, education systems must give us the tools necessary to identify and access the information we need and to be able to process it to determine its accuracy and relevance.  At the same time, education systems need to be capable of continually upgrading the knowledge and skills of the workforce, in response to the needs of the wider economy.

With its close links to the National University of Ireland, GDSI has more than 20 years experience in the education sector. We have particular expertise in education policy design (including financing issues) for all levels of education, from pre-school to university level. We have implemented large technical assistance projects to build the capacity of vocational training systems to respond to the specific needs of the labour market and we have designed and overseen the creation of specialist business schools. GDSI has special experience in the use of e-Learning systems for the delivery of training programmes. We can plan and manage international study tours, seminars and conferences and can supply specialist speakers and training staff for academic or training events.

We have special experience in:

  • Education policy design (including financing of education)
  • Creation and development of vocational training centres and systems of lifelong learning
  • Business school development
  • Training needs analysis
  • Design of curricula for vocational and academic programmes
  • Design and delivery of training programmes through e-Learning
  • Teacher training
  • Quality control systems in the education sector