Labour Market Planning and Management

The increasing diversification of the global economy means that labour markets have become more and more segmented. At the same time, the increasingly rapid structural transformation of economic activity requires greater sophistication in the management of labour market interventions.

GDSI has been supporting the development of labour market policy in transition and developing countries for over 20 years. We have helped to establish new labour market institutions in transition countries, trained the staff of these institutions and provided them with the procedures and tools for intervening effectively in the labour market. GDSI has designed and implemented a whole range of active measures to relieve unemployment and underemployment.

Specifically, we can provide expertise in such areas as:

  • Labour market information systems (including prognosis of future skills needs, etc.)
  • Design of active labour market policy measures
  • Support to the development of labour market institutions (including information systems, etc.)
  • The development of entrepreneurship amongst the unemployed
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Vocational training, apprenticeships and education for the unemployed
  • Local Area Partnerships and enterprise-led labour market interventions
  • Careers guidance and counselling models