Law, Justice and Human Rights

Law, Justice and Human Rights play an important role in the good governance of a society or nation.

GDSI in its implementation of international projects realised the potential that rule of law, justice and human rights can have in fostering more effective and pro-poor development.

GDSI is one of Europe’s leading providers of technical assistance in the area of law reform, justice and human rights. Our goal is to eliminate inequalities that result in the exploitation and the marginalization of certain groups, depriving them of basic rights to a life of dignity. Most of GDSI’s work in this field was undertaken in former conflict areas and in new member states obliged to approximate their laws to the acquis commuanitaire. Within this field of expertise, GDSI has been implementing support to refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs), developing and implementing policies to promote better integration, inclusion and tolerance, and removing inter-ethnic and inter-cultural barriers.

Our special areas of expertise can be summarised as follows:

  • Analyses of policies for national minorities and benchmarking them to the best EU practices
  • Development of mechanisms for the implementation of the decisions of UN treaty bodies
  • Development of administrative structures and their capacities for effective protection of human and national minority rights
  • Development of mechanisms, handbooks and toolkits for the implementation of human and minority rights at local levels
  • Providing support to National Minority Councils and other structures for effective minority representation
  • Design and delivery of training programmes in international human rights
  • Developing mechanisms for monitoring the observance of human rights and reporting violations
  • Establishment of co-operation between international bodies and responsible state structures for monitoring and reporting on human rights
  • Developing feasibility studies and public consultations for the establishment of legal aid
  • Developing policies and measures for refugees and IDPs
  • Developing and implementation of media campaigns on the promotion of tolerance and anti-discrimination, etc.